4smarts Wall Charger VoltPlug Compact 5W white

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This wall charger scores with its extremely compact dimensions and its outstanding price-performance ratio.

Thanks to its sleek housing, the 4smarts VoltPlug Compact is particularly useful when travelling or when sockets are tightly connected, as is the case with socket strips, for example. With 5W output power, this power supply reliably charges your devices.

Key features:

– Compact: The slim power supply requires little space and is therefore ideal for travelling or when sockets on socket strips lie close together.

– Lightweight: With a weight of just 28g, it is a real featherweight, making it perfect for travelling.

– Smart: An intelligent charger switch-off saves power consumption and battery life.

– Universal: It´s compatible with all devices that can be charged with 5V/1000mA via USB and the 100-240V mains connection can be used worldwide. (USB cable not contained in the scope of delivery)

– Safe: Certified fuses offer protection against overcharging, overvoltage and short circuits.

Technical data:

– Current strength: 1000mA

– Supply voltage: 110-240 V

– Output power: DC 5V/1A (5W)

– 1x standard port USB type-A

– Dimensions: 73x39x21 mm

– Weight: 28g

Package includes:

– 4smarts wall charger VoltPlug Compact 5W

Compatible with: all devices that can be charged with 5V/1000mA via USB.



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